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Every Body Yoga
205 E. Water Street, Suite C
Centreville MD 21617

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you able to speak/teach at my event?

Yes, I love to teach at retreats, professional development workshops, and other events.

Q: Do we have to wear “yoga clothes”?
Wear whatever you like. When I teach at a retreat or event, we are often in street clothes, and I adapt my presentation and your participation appropriately. We don’t even need yoga mats and we can do everything seated in a chair if desired.

Q: Do You Offer Drop-in Classes?

We do not.  Because yoga is a discipline, the more you commit, the more benefit you will receive.  We are systematically moving through a curriculum for your benefit. You won’t advance or learn as much if you’re just dropping in.

If you can’t commit to the in-person class, the zoom online class with recordings is a good option for you.  You may use these recordings at your convenience.

Q: Will you pray for me?
Absolutely. Send me as much or as little information as you prefer. In fact, if you want, my whole church will pray for you.

Q: Is your studio green?
Yes, in fact our whole building is green.  It is an award-winning LEED-certified green building.  Our studio has a sprung maple floor to protect your joints, an ERV system for continuous fresh air, healthy finishes, natural light, and a beautiful garden.  Our space was specifically designed as a yoga studio.  You will love this oasis of peace!

Q: How do I enter your building?
Ring the doorbell for Every Body Yoga. Then proceed downstairs.

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