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Say Goodbye to
Pain, Anxiety
and Stress


Hi Friend, I’m Phyllis Johnston.


According to the NIH, over 1 in 5 Americans battle chronic pain daily and an additional 1 in 5 suffer from anxiety disorders. Add to this all those dealing with daily stress!

What if I told you that you can become empowered to move out of pain, anxiety, and stress?

I totally understand that seems overwhelming, but don’t worry… that’s why you have me as your teacher.

Hundreds of people have already had success with these methods.

As an instructor, I have spent the last 35 years developing simple, gentle, and practical ways to get all the benefits of yoga into your everyday life. Benefits like reducing or eliminating pain, letting go of anxiety and stress, and getting a good night’s sleep! All these benefits are readily accessible through simple movement, breath, and relaxation techniques.

As a woman over 50, I understand living in a mature body. And as a Pastor, I understand the importance of spirituality in one’s life.  I hope you will trust me to guide you on your journey to an improved quality of life.


I hope you’ll join me today in releasing pain, anxiety, and stress. You can do it!

- Yoga Practice in Centreville, Maryland - 

You Can Do It!

 Move, Feel & Think Better

Introduction to Every Body Yoga

Intro 7 Days of Joy Motion Devotion

I went to Every Body Yoga to manage stress and got so much more. I’m not flexible or coordinated, but the way Phyllis teaches I didn’t need to worry about that. Recently, I tried other studios closer to home, but I’ll be returning to Phyllis because her quality of practice, is far superior. 

- Carol D’Agostino, Chester, MD

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Yoga Practice in Centreville, MD

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